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Corporate Solutions

Real estate plays a key role in your business. At GLINT Real Estate, we believe that your business premises need to add value in order to help you achieve your business objectives. The advice that we offer you must make a substantial contribution towards optimising your business processes and maximising your results.

In considering our advice, we take every relevant aspect of your business into account, incorporating a strategic location study, SWOT analyses and financial models. Given our independence from developers, investors and brokers, we are in a perfect position to conduct negotiations on your behalf for the renting, letting, reletting or subletting of real estate.

In addition, thanks to our extensive experience of the investment market, we can offer you the advice you need regarding the market potential of your existing properties. For instance, we might recommend a sale- and leaseback construction or offer detailed recommendations on how to invest and optimise your current real estate portfolio.

Glint Real Estate

Strategic Advice

Strategies in the real estate investment market need to be kept under constant review. Our extensive networks ensure that we can offer you the best possible service. Given the current economic climate, the ever expanding body of legislation and new environmentally-friendly trends, real estate developers, investors and users are being forced to monitor and refine their strategic policies, making adjustments where necessary. Economic and social changes are affecting the selection of new locations, the use and layout of real estate and the demand for floor space.

GLINT Real Estate offers a variety of services that cover all stages of the real estate development cycle. Furthermore, we offer a number of other specific services as well.

Market research and exploration: culminating in a business plan that sets out specific proposals for an expansion strategy and the roll-out of that strategy. This may relate to new markets or markets in which you are already represented. So you can strengthen your business or analyse and implement the available options, based on your own requirements and the opportunities offered by the market.

Feasibility studies and models: compiling the necessary figures (indicators) and producing a report that explains how to make a project appealing in terms of concept and finance, ensuring that it satisfies your requirements.

Acquisition: securing new locations, with the aid of our excellent network in many European countries, including the Benelux countries and Northern and Central Europe.

Concept development: compiling a commercial schedule of requirements for development, based on market opportunities and the requirements of investors; determining the commercial, technical and financial principles for acquisition and/or project development, resulting in a detailed schedule of requirements.

Redevelopment of existing real estate: looking to the future and analysing whether the market offers opportunities for e.g. reusing or revitalising an older logistical property or outdated shopping centre and, if so, asking what activities will need to be developed for this purpose.

Glint Real Estate

Interim Management

GLINT Real Estate has extensive experience and offers the standards of quality and professionalism needed in order to offer management in transitional situations. For instance, a manager may have resigned, leaving you urgently requiring a skilled replacement to step in and take responsibility for your real estate-related activities on a temporary basis. Furthermore, social changes and the turbulent economic climate are causing fluctuations in the real estate market, which may require your company to make organisational changes or impact on you in other ways.

At times like these, we can offer transitional management for your company, actively helping you seek out the best management solutions, while also offering leadership and guaranteeing continuity.